3500. She has been asked to create a “Red Dress Series” for the CA Pistachio Commission, promoting healthy hearts for women. She was one of two artists commissioned to create paintings for the 2006 Winter Olympics. Peter Maxx was asked to create a painting of a skier in action; Jane was asked to do a landscape of Torino. The painting (and the image of the dove within the painting) were also made into collectible Olympic Pins, available on Jane’s Website.

It has long been my desire to visit Jane’s home and studio, to see where she lives and paints. My plan included documenting the experience in INSITE so all the fans could enjoy it. This dream

Over the years, and through studying with various other artists of note, she developed several styles of painting, working initially in watercolor then on to oils. Branching out from splashy florals, she went on to do portraits. After a visit to Giverny, she created a series of splendid paintings as an homage to Monet. Her art is bringing her a whole new notoriety. Jane has presented her work in gallery showings all across the country. One very successful showing of her art was at Grand Hotel, during her visit to the Somewhere in Time Weekend in 2002.

Her original paintings have brought as much as $40,000, and her limited edition giclees* (see Page 19) typically bring $1500--
came true the last week of January, 2006, when I was in CA to visit my mother in Palm Springs, as well as to do an antique vintage clothing/jewelry show in Burbank. I contacted Jane’s Art Director and Publisher, Susan Nagy-Luks early in January and told her of my trip plans, asking for a good time to visit. Jane would be away doing an art festival in FL that week and was returning home on Sunday to attend the Screen Actors Guild Awards with her husband, James that evening. It was discovered that the only good day for Jim and me was that Monday. Unfortunately, that very morning Jane was flying to Chicago (where I live) to make personal appearances for the Pistachio Commission Red Dress/Heart Health tour.
Top and center: The gallery’s pleasant covered patio where events are held.
Above: James designed the plantings and the wall of falling water.
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