Jane said it was fine to come anyway, warmly inviting us, instructing Susan to roll out the red carpet. So, wouldn’t you know, Jane was in my back yard, when I was--literally--in hers!

While it was, on the one hand, really disappointing that I did not get to see Jane in her own environment, (perhaps another day!) the visit did allow us to experience a very personal glimpse into Jane’s family life.

Our private tour began with a stop at Jane’s art gallery in Los Angeles. Jane and James have purchased a modest

The patio area was created by James, who is an avid gardener. He designed the stonework (just the right height for setting down a glass or a plate of hors’ deuvres) and plantings which included exotic ferns and cycads, and unique trailing magnolia, which Susan says fills the trellised wall with blooms in spring. Along the other side of the patio James constructed a magnificent rock wall over which a lively waterfall can be turned on with a switch, adding the sound of splashing water to the ambiance. The open-air patio is covered with canvas fabric panels overhead, which filter the light and offer pleasant shade. Jane and James have held many events here, and we were told there recently was a benefit fashion show presented in the space.
building which they have entirely redone. The first floor serves as the art gallery and Susan’s office, including a very lovely enclosed patio for entertaining guests during art showings. Upstairs is James’ production company headquarters, Catfish Productions. That morning, Susan was busy rehanging the gallery from a showing of Japanese art, back to Jane’s paintings, so she told us to come around 2 pm.

We were impressed with the intimate setting. The simple decor and lighting were designed to focus all attention on the art. Jane’s colorful paintings were everywhere, and it was a thrill to see so many! Susan explained they have found an excellent source of new and ornate antique French frames which further showcase her artwork.

Top: Jane’s olorful paintings line a gallery wall. Center: One of Jane’s Monet-like works, the lily pond of his beloved Giverney. She painted this series just after Sept. 11, 2001. Above: Jane’s Art Manager, Susan Nagy-Luks in her office.
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