When we had been thoroughly dazzled, and Jim had photographed the gallery, we got into our cars for the drive to Jane’s home in Malibu. Susan led us in her car and we followed, making our way up the coast highway as the late afternoon sun was getting low over the ocean. An electrical iron gate amid an abundance of flora is the first sign of the Keach-Seymour residence. The driveway passes the tennis court and garden before widening into a small parking lot in front of the ranch style house of stone, with exposed basement level in back, making use of the sloping landscape. Extending off the north end of the house toward the east is a wing which includes James’ editing suite, their large and comfortable screening room, offices for Jane’s and James’ assistants, the garage and at the garden end, Jane’s art studio. The couple purchased the home from celebrity impersonator Rich Little about twelve years ago and they did extensive remodeling from the previously dark woodsy interior
protect the canvases, have metal feet and just the perfect length of shiny black patent leather straps--great for either carrying in hand, or wearing over-the-shoulder. Each purse is dedicated to the purchaser inside, in Jane’s own hand, on the silk lining. You can be sure I was anxious to own one, and it was a great challenge to choose! I had to ponder it a while...once I made my choice, in about 10 days, I had my own Jane Seymour ‘art to wear’ purse, in the Gingersnap Rose design (brilliant oranges and red with a yellow center), with a personal sentiment by Jane. The purses shown are priced at $495, plus $15 shipping/handling. Small size is $395, tote is $595, and is available in two Giverny paintings.
“Torino Landscape” featuring the bright red roofs of the village and the blue mountains. The Olympic pins are still available at $15 each ($3 for shipping/handling).  They bear the etched signature on the back of the pin, and a note card of Torino signed by Jane. 
I was surprised to spot my photograph of Jane next to the Portrait of Elise that I took at the 2002 SIT Weekend, framed on a shelf above Susan’s desk. We discussed what a fortuitous moment that had been, to be able to capture Jane “doing the portrait” standing beside it. (The image can be seen on the cover of INSITE, (4th Q 02) as well as on the “Jane Seymour Returns to Mackinac” Video label.) to a fresh and light palette with lots of huge windows. The house is situated on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and coastal road below. A balcony extends the entire length of the house in back, and offers cozy chaises for lounging, overlooking the lawn and pool area, which James also designed. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself here, in order to set the stage for the next part of our wonderful day.
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