Somewhere In Time Event Videos - Now on DVD!

Exclusive Documentary Footage

The brilliant, eloquent and lovable Christopher Reeve is revealed through this ever-more precious two-hour DVD documentary, which captures every special minute with the Star of Somewhere in Time, as he visited with the fans on his only return to Mackinac Island, for the 1994 SIT Weekend at Grand Hotel, seven months before he was paralyzed.

His amazing ability to field questions of enormous range, his self-effacing humor, wit and genuineness will touch you. His candid revelations and the private interview about his work on SIT and the craft of acting captivates. This DVD feels like a private visit. You will love this DVD. Now on DVD!

Event DVD #3:

Christopher Reeve Returns to Mackinac

A landmark visit with an extraordinary man...

  • Exclusive interview with Christopher Reeve

  • Reeve’s on-stage question and answer session

  • Reeve visits the “Is It You?” Plaque

  • Celebrity Panel Discussion

  • Private interviews with Susan French and SIT Editor Jeff Gourson

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    DVD - $15