Jo Addie has been an antique dealer for 27 years. Jo and Jim participate in fine antique shows all over the country. They have made show trips to California 11 times, and have traveled to the east coast, Texas, Georgia, Florida and throughout the Midwest. They reside in a suburb of Chicago.

Her book, "400 Tips for Antique Dealers" commemorates 25 years as a dealer. In it Jo shares all the knowledge she has acquired through her own experiences, honing her skills and techniques, and learning from the best minds in the business. More importantly, it's about doing the Antique Business in THIS economy.

Jo has been a collector of antiques, specifically, Czech Jewelry, Beaded Purses and pretty Victorian home accessories and clothing since 1979, when she fell into working on the romantic time travel love story film, "Somewhere in Time." In this gorgeous movie, she wore 5 authentic 1912 period outfits, and since it was filmed on Mackinac Island, MI, where no motorized vehicles are allowed, she woke up to the sounds of horse hooves on the pavement and rode around in horse-and-carriage for three weeks. This incredible experience led her to feel like she had indeed visited 1912, and following that extraordinary chapter in her life, she immersed herself in the world of antiques. Having started several collections, the Addies bought a house built in 1908 two years later, and they have lived their lives in the grace of the Edwardian Era ever since.

You are invited to read her amazing story of becoming friends with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour, on the Somewhere in Time Website, Articles section, "Barely in Time."

The wondrous Art Deco/Art Nouveau Revival Czech jewelry from the padlocked warehouse is a treasure that Jo has been 'over the top' excited about. For a few years now, she has been buying pieces from this stash, for her own collection as well as for her customer base. Many have begun extensive collections of this jewelry, some ladies own 7, 10 and more necklaces! The jewelry will also appear in an upcoming coffee table book, on Art Deco Style. Several pieces will be featured in this book by Neal Barr (Neal was the cover photographer for Vanity Fair and Vogue magazines for 30 years. More on that when it comes time for publication of the book!)

Jo is an affionado of the work of Art Nouveau 'founder' Alphonse Mucha's brilliant art. Since first being exposed to his beautiful ladies in their flowing garments and depicted wearing fanciful jewelry and headpieces, back in the 70's, Jo always wondered if any of those pieces were actually created--or just inventions of Mucha's own imagination. This jewelry is the closest thing she has ever found to Mucha's art. When Jo found this source of the Czech jewelry, she was thrilled! Not only is the jewelry spectacular in design but it is all one-of-a-kind! GUARANTEED. She loves wearing the necklaces at antique shows and seeing the dazzled looks on people's faces!

Jo is always checking her email, so if you have questions about this amazing jewelry collection, please write!