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If you are intending to contact me to find out the value of a purse or purses you own, and are not interested in selling them, please note that I do not give free appraisals. I charge for the time and expertise I apply to appraisals. If you want an appraisal, you will need to pay via PayPal a fee of $15.00. After you pay the fee, and send me photographs of the front and back of your purse, you will receive the following: A detailed description of the purse, the approximate date it was made, how it was made, the likely place of origin from where it comes, its current market value, and any other pertinent information. I will spend the time it takes to do a proper appraisal, using my expertise as a collector, and dealer of purses for 34 years, as well as lecturer on the subject of purses. Once you have sent your payment, you may send me pictures.

Get Your Purse Appraised


If you wish to contact me for reasons other than Appraisals or to sell a purse, click the button below.