Sell Your Purse


I do not make offers.

I believe the seller should name the price. If I can do your price, I will (given the item is of interest to me). Sellers the world over name their prices, (from McDonalds to Bloomingdales). It is my belief that a transaction is not a transaction until BOTH parties are happy. I do not take advantage of people, (who may be inexperienced as to value, or unknowing) never would I want you to think I did, even much later -- and thus, prefer the seller name the price.

I encourage you to find out the current market value of your purse, and then come back to me – (see the suggestions on this site).

What type of purse am I most interested in? Take a look at the purses on my website, to see the 1920s and earlier purses…if yours are similar, then please SEND ME CLEAR PHOTOS and I will respond to your inquiry.

As an advanced collector, I am interested in buying the older purses, 1920s and earlier, preferably with scenic/figural designs -- not from the 40s, 50s, 60s, as most of the inquiries I get regarding “grandmother’s old purse” are. (For example, the white beaded/tiny pearl-covered envelope style purses, very popular in that time period, also considered very common). This type is too new for me. If you do not see the type of purse you have on my website, then it is of the newer variety, and chances are, I am probably not going to be interested.

Understand, that if you want to sell to a collector, you may get retail value, (finding THAT customer willing to pay it is the challenge!) If selling to a dealer, you will only realize wholesale price, however, you will sell it QUICKLY and be done with it. So if speedy income is desired, selling wholesale to a dealer is your best bet.

If you would like to send photos of your purse to me, you are welcome to do so. Please have in mind what price you would like to receive for it.

If you want an appraisal, click the Purchase Appraisal button below. If you have a price in mind and want to sell, click the "Contact" button below and send me the info an detailed pictures