Thank you for your interest in our Amazing Antique Art Deco Czech Jewelry. This incredible collection has been in a padlocked warehouse there for over 80 years. I'm buying them from the woman who bought the building! Everything in that building turned out to be one-of-a-kind! I am pleased to offer these masterpieces that were made in 1924--25 in Czechoslovakia.

I guarantee they are old, authentic, original (not new made from old pieces). Most of the necklaces are marked on the back, "Czecho". As you will see, they incorporate the most popular motifs of the mid-twenties Deco Period, notably Egyptian symbols, extremely popular at that time. (King Tut's tomb was opened in 1922 and that set off the Egyptian Revival in the decorative arts.) There are the dragonflies, butterflies, and beautiful Art Nouveau ladies. There was an Art Nouveau Revival in 1924. We have dated the find to 1924-25 because of these motifs. This time frame also rings true in terms of the predominant colors of the jewelry: cobalt blue, red and green; these were the 'hot colors' of the mid-twenties.

Here are some more features making this collection spectacular: Each of the necklaces was built by hand, using individual metal pieces that were all soldered together in back. Click here to see examples. No hole drilling was done in the brass motifs, all drop points are soldered in back. There are colors and textures of glass in this collection that have never before been seen, including striped and banded glass, unique to this collection. The Czechs were supremely talented glass makers, and in my opinion, this collection reflects the pinnacle of their glass making art. There are so many unique colors, textures and shapes of glass.

Some of the necklaces have featured Glass Cameos. (These are all gone now, but see them in the Sold section.) I have never seen glass cameos in jewelry, nor has any other antique dealer I know ever have even heard of glass cameos in jewelry. The glass cameos are works of art in themselves, made by taking clear glass, adding a layer of colored glass, then etching and carving the image back.

When you consider the time it took just to design each necklace, let alone build it, then set the stones, drape the chains and hang the drops, you can imagine the time and artistry that went into each piece.

I buy a few pieces from my source in Czech Republic about every 6 weeks, so the collection changes regularly. It is like a revolving door! I try to keep this site up to date, but often when a package of jewelry arrives, we are soon off on a show trip and sell much of what has just arrived, so it happens that some pieces never show up on this website at all.

I will be happy to discuss with you the details of this phenomenal find on the phone, if you like.

The pieces are large and have 'drama', but they are also feminine the way they festoon and spill down one's chest. There are air spaces to make them also seem delicate. They hang beautifully, as they were skillfully designed to do so.

Another thing which I like to demonstrate to those seeing the necklaces in can achieve an entirely different look depending on what color tone you are wearing. For example, when you are wearing something light, (white/ivory/pastel), the colors really 'pop'. But when you are wearing a dark color, (black, brown, etc.), then colors go soft, and the metals really pop out, and the shape of the necklace becomes more noticeable. This wonderful ability of the collection of necklaces to change with what one is wearing, is a great advantage and makes them ever more versatile.

What to wear them with? Any simple top, and simple bottom -- and they make your outfit they ARE your outfit. Simplest clothes work great. Most women I sell them to are wearing them with T-shirt and jeans, but they look splendid with turtlenecks, chenille tops, tank dresses, silk/knit tops and slacks, and I wear them with a silky top and silk broomstick skirts because I like that flowy look! I also wear them with a shell and slacks and cut velvet dusters, or kimono type layers; this shows the necklaces to great advantage. Many customers tell me they hang them on the wall as art, when not wearing them. They certainly are the ultimate in Deco Czech design and artistry. You'll feel like a queen when you wear one of these necklaces.

Please note that each is over 80 years old and I make a point to change the clasp before sending it, enclosing the original old clasp, as I don't trust 80-year-old clasps.

The earrings have the wonderful lever-back findings, the Eastern European traditional style. They are very secure.